Four of our favorite Oculus Quest 2 games just got huge updates

A collage showing the four major Resolution Games' updates in December 2022
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Resolution Games)

What you need to know

  • Resolution games announced major updates for Blaston, Demeo, Bait, and Ultimechs, which are all available right now.
  • Demeo is getting a new PvP mode in 2023 called Demeo Battles, and the PC version is now compatible with Steam Deck.
  • A new mixed-reality FPS game called Spatial Ops is now available for free, and another new game, Racket Club, is debuting in 2023.

The Holidays are surely upon us if the latest announcements from Resolution Games are anything to go by. The company held its first-ever annual Resolution Games Showcase to make several announcements, including four major updates to existing games — all of which are available right now — a brand-new mixed reality first-person shooter game that's free and is available now, and a new social sports game debuting in 2023.

VR's best D&D gets better

First up is Demeo (opens in new tab), a fan-favorite D&D-like board game and one of the best Quest 2 games (opens in new tab) you can buy. The fifth and final Elven King campaign module is now available for free to all players. Reign of Madness sends players to the town of Ends to close the Rift Bridge and stop the Elven King once and for all.

A new playable character, Uhrak the Barbarian, brings forward the Hook of Varga as a new weapon. This new campaign is filled with an entirely new thematic setting, new enemies, cards, levels, and an all-new orchestral score by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

Players who want to adventure on-the-go can now play the non-VR version of the game on the Steam Deck, as the game is now Steam Deck certified.

As this wraps up the initial storyline, Resolution Games will be increasing the price of the game to $39.99 after January 12 to continue funding further campaigns for the game. If you don't already have the game, now's a great time to pick it up!

Additionally, Demeo Battles will be launching in 2023, giving players the ability to play against other human opponents for the first time ever. Roles will reverse as one player takes the helm of the dungeon master, controlling the beasts that once thwarted their every move while the other players fight to clear the dungeon and make off with the treasure. The first screenshots of the new mode are found in the gallery above.

Ultimechs Season 2 begins

A screenshot showing one of the new rocket fist trails in Season 2 of Ultimechs

(Image credit: Resolution Games)

Next up is Ultimechs, which is seeing the launch of Season 2 today, December 14. A brand-new Arcade Mode amps up the pace, returning rocket gloves faster, reducing cooldown times, and giving players more supercharges for extra-frantic gameplay. The next UltiPass sports 75 new items available to unlock including fancy new trails for your rocket fists.

Bait! gets its first update since 2016

Resolution Games' third "Tinyverse," as the company calls its in-game social spaces, is launching in Bait!, a VR fishing game that hasn't seen a major content update since its initial debut way back in 2016.

Bait! is a free to play game and the Fishin' Buddies update is also free and available now. It includes Caster's Cove where up to 12 players can hang out and compete in RC boat races, skip stones along the beach, use inflatable floaties to paddle out on the water, and more. Another new location, Penguin Point, has also been added and up to four players can compete there in fishing tournaments.

Blaston goes free-to-play

That's right, Blaston is going free-to-play for the first time. Don't worry, Blaston's previous experiment with using in-game ads isn't coming back. This one is fully funded by the new revised item store in the game.

If you're a Blaston player and have already purchased the game, Resolution Games has something special for you. Existing players will all receive $50 worth of in-game items, including a new player and weapon skin that's not available any other way. They'll also receive 1,160 Blasts — the new in-game currency — to spend on all the new items in the new item store.

The item store only features cosmetic items and skins that players can purchase, so no "pay to win" schemes here. Players will find the game is also filled with new upgrades including new weapon attachments and other upgrades. Improved passthrough arenas are available on Quest 2 and a new full-color passthrough mode is also available on Quest Pro.

Spatial Ops

Spatial Ops launches today, December 14, as a free download (opens in new tab) on SideQuest. We have a guide for how to set up SideQuest (opens in new tab) if you haven't used the third-party app store before. Spatial Ops is a unique first-person shooter utilizes the Quest 2 and Quest Pro's passthrough vision abilities to overlay virtual enemies in your house. You can play this one on your own with bots as enemies, or go big and join up with friends in a large playspace. Virtual walls and other objects will be set up and you can duck and cover fire in the most advanced game of laser tag you've ever tried.

Racket Club

One last title showed off today was Racket Club, a "made for VR" sports game that emphasizes the social nature of VR in a special way. While details are light on the game at the moment, we know it's coming in 2023 and appears to allow at least four friends to join up for a session of tennis, along with what's likely another Tinyverse social hangout environment that friends can convene in.